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This module allows you to show your Instagram posts on your site.


  • Allows you to chose how many posts are shown on the website
  • Layout options: Single Row, Multiple Rows, Optimized Image
  • Show the caption of your Instagram post
  • Allows for customers to click on the post and a popup displays your Instagram post.
  • The Instagram API key lasts about 6 months, you will need to create a new key when the old one is up.


To set up this module we will need to get an Instagram API key. To do this there are a couple of steps you have to go through.

  1. Make your Instagram account a business account.
    1. Instructions on how to do that can be found here:
  2. Make a facebook developers account (If you already have a facebook account this will work)
    1. Login/Signup here:
    2. Make sure to know your login information for the next step.
  3. Link your facebook developer account to your Instagram business account.
    1. Open Instagram
    2. Go to your profile page
    3. Click the menu button in the top right
    4. Navigate to Settings > Account > Linked Accounts > Facebook
    5. Login with your facebook developer account.
  4. Get API Key
    1. Login to to start.
    2. You can follow the following video tutorial to retrieve your API key:   
      1. The "tester account" is the Instagram account that has the images you want to pull from.

Instagram API Key Expires

This Instagram API Key expires in about 6 months. You can create a new key before that 6 months is up if you wish. Just follow the instructions above to create a new one. Once you have created a new key follow the instructions below to insert it into magento.

Once that is all set up and you have your key we will need to enter it into your Magento admin panel. To do this:

  1. Sign into your Magento admin panel
  2. Navigate to Stores > Configuration

       3. On the left hand side scroll down till you find "Mageplaza Extensions" and open that.

       4. Click Instagram Feed

       5. Once there you will find a "General" section, make sure Enable is set to yes.

       6. Enter your API key into the User Token input.

       7. Make sure to "Save Config" in the upper right hand corner.

       8. You will then need to clear your cache. Instructions on how to do that can be viewed here.

Display (Advanced)

To have your Instagram posts display on the page we will need to make a widget. To do this:

  1. Sign into your Magento admin panel
  2. Navigate to Content > Elements > Widgets

       3. Click "Add New Widget" in the upper right hand corner

       4. It will ask you to enter in the Type and Design Theme, enter:

            a. Type: Mageplaza Instagram Feed

            b. Design Theme: Smartwave Porto CPC

       5. Click continue once you have entered those values.

       6. Enter in information in the required fields (Widget Title, Assign to Store Views)

       7. Scroll down to where you see Layout Updates, and click Add Layout Update

       8. You will now see a Display On, here is where you can choose what pages this will show on.

       9. Depending on what you choose for Display On, you will get different inputs. (You can come back and change these at any time)

      10. Once you are done with the Layout Updates make sure to Save in the upper right hand corner.

       11. After you save you will need to clear your cache. Instructions on how to do that can be viewed here.

Once you have done all this the Instagram feed should show on the pages you specified. If you do not like the location of the Instagram feed, you can go back and edit the widget you created in the Display section.

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