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CP-Commerce adds a new tab to the Item form in CounterPoint. It looks like this:

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Below is an explanation of what each of these fields do.


  • Out Of Stock Quantity: This field defines when the item will be set as "out of stock." If left blank, it will be out of stock when the item's inventory reaches the out of stock quantity configured in Magento. If you put an amount in this field, the item will not be available for purchase once the stock quantity reaches that amount.

    • Note: This is a per item override for the global Qty for Item's Status to Become Out of Stock setting in Magento Configuration > Inventory > Product Stock Options (default: 0)
  • Visibility: This field defines how the item will be visible on the website. Items have a default visibility set depending on the type of item it is.
    • Note: This setting should not need to be changed.
  • Downloadable Fields: These fields help you to configure downloadable items. Checking the box will make the item sync to Magento as a Downloadable Product. The download limit is the maximum number of times a user can download the product. The file is the download link, and the sample is a smaller part of the download that the user can preview before purchasing.